Pre-ordering an item will help to guarantee you will receive it. This is extremely important for items that are in high demand or will have a limited run that may sell out quickly. We also give priority to all pre-orders once its time to ship, and will ship in order from earliest order to latest. If for whatever we reason we can no longer obtain the item, or we cannot obtain as many as originally promised, we will issue a full refund. Payment for pre-orders is due at the time of purchase. This payment guarantees you will receive your item or receive a full refund for that item.

By default, we will hold your items until all items in an order are in-stock and ready ship. 

Pre-order Disclaimer

Due to the nature of the industry, we cannot guarantee when items will reach our warehouse, therefore all dates for pre-orders are tentative dates. The Estimated Release Date is the approx. date we expect to receive the items. Delays can occur that are out of our control. Please exercise caution when placing pre-orders for time sensitive matters, such as birthdays. In rare cases, the item may be canceled or may have an extremely limited release, in which case we cannot guarantee you will receive you items. In this case a full refund will be issues.